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  • Tue

    9:00am-5:00pmTrinity Center on Emerald Isle, Pine Knoll Shores, NC

    THE DIVINE FEMININE ARISES: We Were Made For These Times
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    We live in unprecedented and tumultuous times!
    We are in the midst of an historic shift in consciousness, from the love of power
    to the power of love. From the hierarchical model of competition and control
    to the collaborative model of connection and community.
    The old is dying and the new is being birthed.

    We have a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to embrace a planetary transformation!
    In this retreat we will explore yogic teachings to bring forth
    the best within ourselves and help create a New Earth Community
    that honors diversity, justice, and sustainability.

    The World is crying out for spiritually and emotionally mature women (and men)
    to stand up and speak up from their full Presence as the embodied
    Divine Feminine and fight for the heart of what matters.

    Join Suzie & Betsey for an inspiring and empowering 5-day retreat
    incorporating yoga poses, meditation and pranayama (breathing exercises)
    to align yourself with your Highest Good
    to serve our Emerging Future.