AMELIA: The Magic of Transformation

Last November, I discovered a caterpillar crawling around on my parsley plants in the backyard. The plants were in pots, so that I could bring them inside to the screened-in porch if I discovered any caterpillars. And there she was … a chubby, happy black swallowtail caterpillar.
The previous year all the caterpillars got eaten and completely disappeared from my garden so this was exciting!
Amelia (yes, I named a caterpillar!) was crawling all over the 3 parsley plants that I brought in… She was “high-flying”, moving from plant to plant, and eating voraciously!
Then one day I could not find her … and looked everywhere. Eventually I discovered a greenish “case” that was suspended by a silver thread from one of the stems of the parsley.  She had created a beautiful chrysalis in which to allow the transformation to a butterfly take place.
A few days later I could not find her green home and discovered it had turned brown… and then a week later I discovered a second chrysalis! … given that it was November by this time and temperatures were dropping I was not sure they would make it over the winter …
So it was exciting last weekend to discover a black swallowtail butterfly sitting on the parsley plant on my back porch!! … resting, getting ready to fly into her new life!
An hour or two later she was on the ground cover right outside the back porch door.
Later I saw a big yellow butterfly flying and twirling through the air in a dance of delight … accompanied by a small black swallowtail butterfly … I couldn’t help thinking it was Amelia and the yellow butterfly had befriended her and was showing her around her new neighborhood!
I was so content and happy seeing her resting in the ground cover until it was time to take flight and dance in the air …
The next day was another sweet surprise: another lovely black swallowtail butterfly on my back porch! My heart soared! How fortunate I was to have watched the magic of Nature’s total transformation of these beautiful creatures.
So my conclusions are these:
·      Life wants to Live!
·      The metamorphosis from a caterpillar, with all feet firmly on the ground, to a butterfly flying gracefully through the air, even “dancing“ with a new friend, is truly miraculous …
One of my favorite quotes that lives on my fridge is by Buckminster Fuller:
“There is nothing about a caterpillar
that tells you it’s going to be a butterfly”.
Hmmmm … A total transformation that is truly magical …
Is there any possibility that humanity could ever have such a miraculous transformation?
·      Moving from Empire to Earth Community…
·      From being stuck in our current reality, like the caterpillar on the parsley plant, to the soaring possibilities of our visions?
·      From a planet whose Beauty is being degraded by the selfishness of over-consumption to honoring Nature …
·      To a world that puts caring and compassion above the addiction to more (aka greed) …
·      To a world that puts inclusion and connection above blaming others …
·      To a world that values living from the heart with compassion rather than from the head finding fault…
·      To an economy that creates "enoughness" for all … and everyone contributes their fair share …
·      To a world of delight and joy, developing connections with our Global Human Family as well as our non-human family … looking for and finding the miraculous in our midst.
May we open to the Grace of possibilities …

Join Us at the Global Climate Strike on September 20


Our planet is currently facing an unprecedented climate crisis, which threatens a sustainable world for our children and grandchildren.

Greta Thunberg, the 16-year old Swedish climate activist, sparked an international movement of youth speaking up and fighting for their future. They are calling on world leaders to listen to the scientists, recognize our Climate Emergency, call it the Crisis that it is, and act accordingly. As Greta has said many times, "We cannot solve the crisis without treating it as a crisis".
Millions of youth and adults around the world will come together on September 20 to Strike for the Climate! Over 500 climate strikes are planned in the U.S., in over 1664 cities around the world, and in 117 countries. New York City’s public school system just announced it would excuse the absences of students who have a parent’s permission to participate in the global climate strike!
The Secretary General Kumi Naidoo of Amnesty International fully supports schools allowing students to participate. He tweeted, "The climate emergency is the defining human rights issue for youth today. It will shape their lives in every way. That’s why I’ve written to more than 30,000 schools around the world urging them to let pupils join the historic climate strikes on the 20th & 27th September."
So, if you’ve been feeling overwhelmed, hopeless, or in despair, this is the time to effectively channel those feelings into action! It’s time to prioritize what matters most at this pivotal moment in our history, come together, and get in the streets.

Please share this email with anyone and everyone you can think of! Invite them to join you at a climate strike. Here is the link to find an event any where in the U.S. Scroll down to enter a zip code and a map comes up with all the climate strike events in the area.
This is an opportunity of a lifetime… to participate in a movement that makes a difference!  That shifts our planet into a new era of caring for all life on earth, recognizing we are truly One Humanity.
This is the time: NOW.

With blessings for awakening to the opportunities before us,
P.S.  Click here for Greta’s recent interview, We are Striking to Disrupt the System. discussing the  reasons for the Climate Strike.
P.S. Click here for a 3 minute talk Greta gave last fall at the Davos Conference on the seriousness of the climate crisis.