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Betsey Downing - Exploring Our Collective Awakening

betsey-home-1We live in unprecedented times! We are in the midst of a tremendous shift in consciousness on this planet. We are moving from separation to connection, from competition to cooperation, from “me-centered” to “world-centered”, from using the planet and it’s resources to honoring them.  It is a privilege to be alive at this time and to participate in this amazing transformation.  We each have a role to play and a unique contribution to offer.

As yogis, we are in the process of evolving. We are awakening to the experience of our wholeness, encompassing our spiritual identity beneath the layers of our being.  Part of this wholeness is our connection to everything and everyone on this planet, coming to realize that we are all brothers and sisters. We are literally all in this together.

As yogis, we have an exceptional opportunity, and a special gift to offer. Once we have experienced a place of transcendence we know our connection first hand. When we speak we often speak from a more expanded worldview. We bring a fresh new perspective that offers solutions from a place of wholeness, which encompasses all of us.

Let’s not leave our yoga on our mats! The yoga community is a formidable force for consciousness, compassion, and aligned action! If we become informed, speak up, and speak out, we make a difference!

When we practice a yoga of engagement we are responding to the Evolutionary Impulse to participate in the sacred obligation to make the world a better place.

Please join me in taking your yoga off the mat …
in whatever way you feel called …
into the messiness of daily life, using your yoga skills to stay centered
when you speak up and speak out …
so we all participate in making the world a better place.

We the people have never had more power…
let’s use it to create the world we want to live in!

“Problems cannot be solved at the same level of thinking in which
they were created.” – Albert Einstein

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by betsey on September 21, 2013